I’ll come back for you — Volume 1


Vanessa is a young woman with a journey marked by a painful family history. Born in Martinique from the teenage loves of a young West Indian girl and a soldier, she is an orphan by birth and only learns when she is a teenager who is her father. Raised and pampered by her maternal grandparents, Vanessa decides very early to take charge of her life by leaving her family to join the Metropolis.

Freshly arrived in Paris, she has only one idea in mind: to reconnect with her father, unjustly accused shortly before the birth of his daughter – whose existence he does not know – of the murder of his parents. A brilliant student and small computer genius, Vanessa sets out with the help of the man she loves in a real hunt to clear her father. Will his exceptional maturity and determination be enough to neutralize those responsible for the drama?


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