Eloïse, a young single mother from Martinique, is a prison officer in Fleury-Mérogis.

It is in this closed universe where the law of the strong reigns that she becomes acquainted with Grégory Werner, a model-looking prisoner, who is quick to reveal his true personality and his terrible plans.

Threats, blackmail, the young woman and quickly trapped by this cruel man who his contacts with the environment make even more dangerous.
Forced to serve the terrorist projects of formidable thugs who do not hesitate to eliminate everything that can harm their business, but ready to do anything to save her son, Eloïse is quickly spotted by the police.

What if it was his last chance to escape the worst?

In the wrong place at the wrong time .. This is all the drama of Eloise, the story of an innocent young woman caught in the spiral of organized crime and injustice.

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