It was then that I felt I was about to give up a part of myself, that my childhood was now gone. ”

A young mixed-race adopted by loving parents, Belline knew very early on a fate that could have turned tragic.

Traumatized by the assault she suffered at the age of fifteen, the girl finds her reason for living in music.

Gifted for writing, she quickly knew success and met Gaël, a lively skinned musician with whom she shared his passion. But the two young people with a painful past will live a short-lived passion and Belline will have to face it once again.

She will therefore continue to give meaning to her life by going back in time.

Love, betrayal, secrets, revelations … Belline retraces the chaotic itinerary of a young girl in search of truth. Marked alive by an injury which is difficult to heal, it is towards a future that she named Belinda that she turns to go in search of her origins.

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