Who am I

My name is Jean-Pierre Burner and I am from Martinique, the city of François for those who know. I have always been more or less passionate about reading, without leaning in writing.
It was in order to escape from a hard enough professional environment that I took the pen!
Over the years, I have learned to put my ideas and thoughts on paper and share them with the greatest number of people by creating Burner Books.
EDITIONS BURNER will become your reference when it comes to reading.
Each novel is above all an idea, a world, a story in which I escaped and in which I invite you.

With a specialty for detective novels, thrillers, sci-fi and espionage, Burner Books will give you experiences rich in emotions as the pages go by. Suspense, joy, sadness, fear, each of the books in this edition is just as exciting!
Are you so passionate? So Welcome to my world!
Despite its attachment to paper, BURNER EDITIONS has modernized by offering you a catalogue of dematerialised books to read on all your digital devices.
A question? A proposal? An opinion?
Do not hesitate to contact us via our email address contact@editionsburner.com, we will answer you with great pleasure and as soon as possible.
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